What is the process of custom T shirts? Custom high-end t-shirts?

T shirts have been popular internationally for 30 to 40 years. During this period, the clothing industry has undergone many changes. Many clothing categories have disappeared, and some new clothing has risen and declined. However, T shirts are still widely loved, and there is an increasing demand for custom-made t-shirts. growing. So how do we order T shirts? In fact, the process of ordering tshirts is not complicated.


1. Preliminary selection and estimation
The cultural connotation of T shirts is given by the customizer, and the buyer’s participation is indispensable for the various processes of t shirts. T shirts are mostly printed on ready-made garments, and these ready-made garments are called bottom shirts in the t shirt industry. Customized crowds choose the style and color they want to customize, estimate the number of bottom shirts needed, and the “dead line” of the date of delivery.

2. Check the pattern design and modify the rendering
Most customizers have already booked the patterns they want to customize. If not, custom companies will generally provide some simple materials for selection. Send the LOGO pattern to the customization consultant, and the customization consultant will match the feedback pattern with the effect drawing on the selected bottom shirt, and adjust and modify it after communicating with the customizer.

3. Determine the price and complete the information to place an order
According to factors such as quantity and craftsmanship, the consultant will calculate the price, negotiate and coordinate between the two sides to find a suitable price, complete various information, and then place an order.
Four, production and delivery
After the order is placed, the customized T shirt enters the production link. In about 7 working days, the Tee shirts can be mass-produced, packaged and distributed, and delivered to various customized customers.

Post time: Jan-04-2022