Mom builds online business for upgraded children’s clothing

Jennifer Zuklie is a working mom who finds herself surrounded by loads of children’s clothing.Children’s crates she wishes to pass or reuse.
“I’m trying to save them and put them in all the litter boxes,” Zuckerley said. “I’m really just trying to wave that wand and make it the next season or the next size.”
But when size and season don’t work for old clothes, she combines her business experience and her roots to find solutions.Zuklie was previously the head of the global e-commerce holiday exchange business.
That’s when she had the idea to create The Swoondle Society, an online platform for upcycled children’s clothing where you could trade items for credit to buy other items.Zuklie says it’s easy to use once or become a monthly membership.
“You sign up and you get a bag with shipping prepaid. Once they fill their bag, they give it to the post office. It comes to us. So we do all the work for you,” Zuklie said.”We sort it and we value it on a one, two, three, four or five basis depending on the value of that item.”
These values ​​can then be used to buy other items and sizes you might be in the market for.Once your items are shipped, they are ready and ready to sell to others.
It started as a hobby and became a full-fledged business in 2019.They now exchange and sell used items in all 50 states.There are two sides to the mission, she said – not only is it helping families save money, but it also has a big sustainability component.
Clothes don’t end up in the trash, instead, even small items like onesie are bundled up in bulk for resale or donated to the community organizations they work with, including Boston.
Zuklie says the feedback has been helpful, and has heard it even changed the amount her users shop.
“That’s the behavioral change you want people to get from it,” Zuklie said, noting that it’s a mindset.”Let’s buy something better quality. After I’m done with it, let’s buy something of value to the world and me.”
Zuckery said she would like to see more people join their “society” to help parents save and save the planet go hand in hand.

Post time: May-12-2022