What are the knowledge points that a fashion designer must learn?

Fashion designers can be divided into pattern makers, illustrators, etc. Each skill is a profession, so a real fashion designer needs to learn a lot of knowledge, such as the following:
1.[Fashion illustration]
Drawing is a skill to express and communicate design ideas, and express your design ideas through drawing.


2. [Fabric recognition and re-engineering]
Know the fabrics of various materials, and know what kind of fabrics to choose when designing the finished product.
Fabric Reengineering
For example: cotton, polyester, tassels, shirring, stacking, bumps, wrinkles, dyed cloth etc..


3. [Three-dimensional tailoring] and [Plane tailoring]
Three-dimensional tailoring is a tailoring method different from flat tailoring, and it is an important method to complete the style of clothing.
Common point: They are all produced and developed on the basis of the human body, and are the crystallization of people’s long-term practical experience and continuous exploration.

4. [Knowledge of clothing design theory]
Learn the basic principles of clothing design, design theory, color theory, clothing history, clothing culture and other knowledge.

5. [Personal Portfolio Series]
The portfolio is a booklet for the process of designing a work after mastering the skills of painting, fabric, sewing, and cutting that you have learned before, using these skills comprehensively, and combining your source of inspiration and inspiration elements.

The booklet will show the source of inspiration, renderings, styles and final results of these works from the beginning. It is a booklet that reflects your personal abilities and personal style.

Post time: Jan-04-2022